Hey you, stop it with your writing guides

This is not a guide, this is a suggestion

A photo that you have seen a billion times here on Medium. You can find thousands like this searching “Writing” here: Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

This all started some months ago, when I joined Medium.
I checked “Writing” as a recommendation topic, because I thought: learning some hints on how to be a better writer could be helpful!
I didn’t know what I was facing.

Stories like “7 hints to become rich writing on Medium” was everywhere.

I don’t know if your stories are true, if you really make 1.000$ per month with one post, If you have reached 1 million followers in a year, if you write 3 articles per day; but neither is relevant. Even if your success is repeatable, I don’t care about it.

There are just too many of you saying the same thing.

The worst thing is that once you open one of those articles, Medium algorithm put dozens of them everywhere.
I was forced to mute authors and publications to switch from bad posts into something I really care about.

I don’t say that you shouldn’t write about marketing (or even about writing). But marketing isn’t only a good title, a good SEO and making money. And just to be clear, I’ve also read some good stuff regarding this topic here on Medium (like how to pick the best tags, or intimate stories about writing). But don’t sell us the dream of easy money, to make easy money. The world can’t be put in a guidebook.

Medium should be a place of valuable reading, not the boring library bookshelf “How that YouTube guy you don’t know has reached the top”. It should make you travel the world, explore the arts, discover great stories.

You are what have destroyed every social network.
You are tits on Instagram.
You are parents on Facebook.
You are Trump on Twitter.
You are fake guru entrepreneurs on LinkedIn.

Don’t let Medium be a place full of writers that write for other writers.

Please, stop it. For me, for you, and for Medium.

Scrivo di quello che mi va, quando mi va, se mi va.

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